Kabok Music School

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Consultation Lesson prior to Registration

Kabok Music School offers new students the opportunity to schedule a meeting with their teacher. If you own the instrument you wish to take lessons on, please bring it. Should you decide to take lessons, a time will be agreed upon between you and your teacher.

Lessons: Expectations

Please be on time for your lesson.

Missed Lessons

The school requires a minimum of two days notice to cancel or reschedule a lesson except in cases of emergency or illness. Lessons which are canceled with insufficient notice will not be made up. It is up to you and your teacher to discuss an appropriate time to schedule a make up lesson.

School Terms

Kabok Music School is open for instruction all year-round with the regular school year.

Children's Arts Tax Credit

As of 2011, the Canadian government introduced the CATC. Music lessons are eligible for this deductible.

For more information, please visit the website of the Canadian Revenue Agency.


By registering, you are committing to lessons for the duration or remainder of the school year. If you need to discontinue lessons for any reason before this time, the school will require one month's notice.